History of the Boscolo Exedra Roma luxury Hotel


The Boscolo Exedra Roma is a triumph of beauty and art: it goes beyond the definition of a 5-star luxury hotel because it is unmatched in its majesty, welcome and history.

The hotel traces its origins to the large semi-circle inside the baths area of imperial Rome on top of which the modern Piazza della Repubblica was laid out. Important remains of the Baths of Diocletian (298-305 A.D.) can be seen on the hotel’s first floor. The basilica dedicated to Maria Regina degli Angeli, designed by Michelangelo for pope Pius IV in 1561, can be admired from the whimsical private rooms and from the large terrace.

The building dates from the XIX century, when Gaetano Koch built twin palaces here in a neoclassical style, one of which is the modern Boscolo Exedra, cleverly redesigned for Boscolo by the architect Maurizio Papiri and the designer Adam D. Tihany.

At the Boscolo Exedra you can stay in the ‘Clementino’, the old XVI-century granary. You can surf the web immersed in the cushioned silence of suites and rooms or swim floating above ancient remains in the Posh Bar swimming pool, inspired by the meeting of water and air, magical and enchanting on the roofs of the Capital.