Terms and conditions


Book online with confidence at the Boscolo Exedra Roma hotel:

  • to check the real-time room availability, just launch your booking from the Boscolo Exedra Roma reservation page: the system will display all the best available rates and packages available for the selected dates. We guarantee that no other website or booking channel offers more convenient rates for our hotels.
  • the cancellation policy and other rate details will be resumed in the booking summary that will appear before the final confirmation.

Terms and conditions:

  • the price and all benefits included in all displayed rates and packages are intended for 1 person for single room bookings, 2 persons for double room bookings and 3 persons for triple room bookings.
  • children under 12 sharing the room with parents are given a complimentary extra bed, but will be charged for all other benefits featured in the package.
  • extra night extension available on request at rate of the day, if not specified otherwise; for this request and any further arrangement please contact the hotel's reception (details available in the hotel's contact page).
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