Exedra Fusion SPA

A sublime ritual of health and beauty, started off with a welcoming cup of herbal tea. An itinerary of exclusive chromotherapy, massages and aesthetic treatments which can be finished off alongside the spectacular outside swimming pool* on the hotel terrace, with a dip into the breathtaking views of the rooftops of Rome, where the Bar & Restaurant serves lunch and dinner mindful of well-being, in both taste and refinement

*the swimming pool is open from May to September, from 10:00 to 18:00. 

  • Therapies and cosmetic treatments by hand or with high-tech equipment for body remodelling, holistic rebalancing and to combat the signs of time.
  • Every treatment is undertaken with products especially selected for the Boscolo Spa: a range of products for cure and beauty of face and body which can even be used at home.
    tel: +39 06 4893 8465 - exedra@fusionspa.eu